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Improving Catawba
Improving the North End
Original (V21) Lower Level Layout Plan
Original (V21) Upper Level Layout Plan

CSXT Shenandoah Division Layout Plan Refinements

On the original version of the Shenandoah Division layout, I used a design technique from the software industry called "iterative design."

Basically, this process means that I got the overall design of the layout to an acceptable point for ensuring that it would meet my goals without working out all of the final details. Then, as the layout is constructed, various areas of it undergo one or more iterations of design refinements, each iteration successively improving upon the design of the previous iteration. The process continues until I'm satisfied enough with the design to construct that portion of the layout. I have also used this technique on the new layout as well.

Using a CAD package, such as 3rd PlanIt, allows me to easily perform this iterative design process entirely in software. I save successive versions of the plan as I work, allowing me to easily go backwards to a previous iteration if I find that I don't like the current design. This process allows me to easily explore design alternatives before committing time and materials to realizing the design in actuality.

To help illustrate the process, I have placed some "articles" discussing various layout plan refinements in this area of the web site. Follow the links to the left for these articles.

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