09/15/2004 Progress Report
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Norfolk Southern Roanoke Benchwork Installed

Since the 08/25/2004 Progress Report, Norfolk Southern crews have been working on the NS Roanoke terminal. Thanks to help from Rich and Scott at a recent work session, the benchwork for the NS Roanoke staging yard was installed. After completing the benchwork, the 3rd PlanIt templates were glued to the benchwork. Roadway crews then proceed to install the Vinylbed roadbed. NS track crews will be recalled from furlough once a track shipment arrives.

Potts Valley Railway Benchwork Started

The crew of the Potts Valley Railway (PVRY) had begun installation of the benchwork for this short line railroad. Once the initial piece of benchwork was installed, management decided to use the iterative design technique to refine the trackage of the PVRY in 3rd PlanIt. As a result, management has decided on some benchwork changes to the PVRY, which should allow for improved appearance and operation for this railroad.

At some point in the future, the updated layout design will be posted to the web site to reflect the latest changes.

Signal Maintainers Activate Trackage

With the NS and PVRY roadway crews busy, CSXT signal maintainers have been hard at work activating additional trackage in the towns of Covington, Carpenter, New Castle, Abbott, Catawba, and Wadesboro. During this "blitz", the signal maintainers have soldered approximately 290 feeders in these towns. As a result, ALL track (including industry and yard tracks) has been activated in Covington, Carpenter, New Castle, Abbott, and Wadesboro. By completing the wiring in Covington, the signal maintainers also completed the continuous running loop formed by trackage in Connellsville/Winchester, Covington, and on the Potts Valley Railway connection (see the upper level layout design). CSXT crews tested the running of locomotive consists over this loop.

At this point, the signal maintainers still have to finish their work in Catawba before turning their attention to North Salem and Salem (in both cases, additional track must be laid as well).

The signal maintainers have also managed to find and fix an improperly crimped connector on a LocoNet cable, so the LocoNet is now fully functional.

Backdrop and Fascia

Cherie has been helping out since the last progress report by working on backdrop and fascia sections. She has painted green additional fascia sections. She has also been working on applying joint compound to the joints between the backdrop sections as well as covering the screws used to attach the backdrop.

Future Plans

The focus for the remainder of 2004 and into 2005 is to complete all the "heavy" construction, such as benchwork, backdrop, and fascia in addition to completing all of the wiring.


Photos of Progress as of September 4, 2004

Overall view of the newly installed benchwork for the Norfolk Southern Roanoke Terminal (staging yard). The start of the Potts Valley Railway benchwork can be seen on the upper level.

Another overall view of the NS Roanoke Terminal benchwork looking southward.


Photos of Progress as of September 5, 2004

Templates printed from the layout design in 3rd PlanIt have been applied to the NS Roanoke benchwork.


Photos of Progress as of September 6, 2004

Vinylbed roadbed has begun to be installed at NS Roanoke.


Photos of Progress as of September 12, 2004

All Vinylbed roadbed has been installed at NS Roanoke.


Another view showing NS Roanoke awaiting the installation of track by NS track crews.


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