07/31/2004 Progress Report
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Wadesboro Staging Yard Completed!

CSXT Shenandoah Division crews have been busy working on the Wadesboro Yard since the 06/21/2004 Progress Report. As usual, a variety of projects are either underway or completed, but the biggest news in this update is that the CSXT crews have largely finished their work at the Wadesboro staging yard of July 29, 2004!

On July 17, 2004, CSXT track crews completed the installation of all remaining track in the Wadesboro Yard in the area of the staging loops. A Norfolk Southern track crew was also seen in the vicinity completing the NS mainline connection from Roanoke Junction (in Salem, Va.) to Roanoke, Va. on July 18, 2004. 

Once the track was completed, the CSXT signal maintainers returned to complete the wiring in Wadesboro. Feeders were soldered to the newly installed trackage. All bus wires for the various staging tracks were pulled and connected to the PM42 subdistrict powering the staging yard. Working on one track at the time, the signal maintainers connected the feeders to the appropriate bus wires and each track was tested. The auto-reversing capability of the PM42 subdistrict for Wadesboro also was tested successfully. The last track in the yard was activated on July 29, 2004. In addition, a group of Norfolk Southern signal maintainers finished the wiring for the NS Roanoke Junction connection on July 31, 2004.


Photos of Progress as of July 31, 2004

Overall view of the Wadesboro staging loops after the track and wiring have been completed.


Overall view of the return loop area at Wadesboro showing the newly installed and wired track. On the right-hand side of the photo, the wire wrapped around the lower-level benchwork will lead to the future Norfolk Southern Roanoke staging yard, while the wire wrapped around the upper-level benchwork will lead to the future Potts Valley Railway.


Close-up view of the Wadesboro staging loops. The Norfolk Southern connection track comes through the backdrop from the visible layout at upper left in the photo. It then runs behind all the CSXT staging tracks to the turnout on the right-hand side of the photo where it will lead to the NS Roanoke Yard.


Overall view of the Wadesboro staging yard looking northward from the access hole in the staging loops.


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