06/21/2004 Progress Report
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Wadesboro Staging Yard Benchwork and Vinylbed Completed!

CSXT Shenandoah Division crews have been busy since the 06/14/2004 Progress Report. As usual, a variety of projects are either underway or completed, but the biggest news in this update is that the CSXT roadway crews have finished their work at the Wadesboro staging yard of June 20, 2004!

On June 16, 2004, roadway crews completed the installation of benchwork (subroadbed, risers, and joists) on the main portion of the railroad by building the final piece of benchwork to close the loops at the Wadesboro staging yard. The only remaining benchwork to build for the layout consists of the NS Roanoke staging yard and the Potts Valley Railway.

Once the benchwork was completed, the roadway crews installed the remaining Vinylbed roadbed at Wadesboro in preparation for the track crews to finish laying all the remaining track in the staging loops. This work was completed on June 20, 2004.


Photos of Progress as of June 21, 2004

Overall view of the Wadesboro staging loops after the benchwork was completed. About half the remaining Vinylbed has been installed when this picture was taken.


Close-up view of the Vinylbed installation at Wadesboro.


Overall view of the Wadesboro staging loops showing all Vinylbed installed. Track crews will next lay track here to complete the staging yard. The LocoNet throttle jack to the left is temporarily placed awaiting the installation of the remaining fascia at Wadesboro.


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