06/02/2002 Progress Report
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Progress continues to be made on the CSXT Shenandoah Division. Two work sessions have been held since the last progress report was posted to the web site.

On Thursday, May 16, 2002, Jan and Rich came over for a work session. Jan arrived early and helped me cut plywood subroadbed. We then installed risers at the end of the South Salem/Wadesboro peninsula. Once Rich arrived, we continued installing risers down the Salem side of the peninsula. We also installed the plywood subroadbed in this area as well. Rich, Cherie, and I discussed the color of the backdrop, and we settled on Glidden's Azure Afternoon.

Between work sessions, I cut more plywood subroadbed. I also worked on redesigning the Salem and South Salem portion of the layout. I have completed this redesign, which enabled us to continue to make progress on the layout. I will post the new layout design to the web site later this summer as I'd rather spend the time on the layout right now.

I also printed and assembled templates from 3rd PlanIt which will allow me to locate the subroadbed, roadbed, and track relatively accurately.

On Thursday, May 30, 2002, Jan and Chuck came over for a work session. Once again, Jan arrived early, so he helped me disassemble the last of the brackets from the old V1 layout. We also moved a riser and installed the subroadbed connecting the Wadesboro area with the Salem area at the end of the peninsula. After Chuck arrived we discussed several ideas about adding more bracing to solidify the peninsula.

On Saturday, June 1, 2002, I continued to assemble templates for the Wadesboro staging yard. Cherie helped me glue the templates to the plywood subroaded. Cherie and I sanded glue off some of the Vinylbed from the V1 layout, and I installed the first 3 pieces of Vinylbed roadbed between the throat of the Wadesboro staging yard and the turnout at SE Cabin in Salem.


Progress as of May 16, 2002 Work Session

Risers have been installed at the end of the Salem/Wadesboro peninsula. The plywood subroadbed is installed at Salem for the CSL Salem Intermodal Terminal and Salem Stamping & Fabricating.


Close-up view of the newly installed subroadbed at Salem.


Looking back towards the end of the peninsula.


Progress as of June 1, 2002

The first Vinylbed roadbed has been installed. It is tacked into place with pins while waiting for the glue to dry. The roadbed has been glued to the paper templates which were glued to the plywood subroadbed.


View of the first roadbed from the Wadesboro side. At this time about 9 feet of roadbed has been installed between Wadesboro and SE Cabin.


The pins have been removed from the Vinylbed in this picture.


Another view of the end of the peninsula after the pins have been removed. The Roanoke River will follow the curve at the left end of the peninsula from SE Cabin to the vertical support at right.


Here's another view of the Wadesboro side of the peninsula.


Roadbed has been laid to SE Cabin.


The spacing of the peninsula support legs allows plastic carts on rollers (from Target) to between the legs. These carts will be used to store supplies for the railroad.


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